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Dear Sirs,

In connection with absolute prohibition of gambling business in Ukraine "Extrema-Ukraine", one of the largest companies in Ukrainian gambling industry, conducts the full sale of the gambling equipment from the stocks in Vinnytsia. Prices are very low.

Specialists of the company, having 24-years experience in the development of gambling equipment, offer their services:

  • Adaptation of the games and other software and hardware solutions for different markets (experience of development for Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Latin America).

  • Design and manufacture of new software and hardware products for your technical project or on provided samples.

  • Installation and adaptation of network solutions for gambling business by your requirements (Mystery Jackpot, Global Jackpot, remote collection of information from the gambling halls, etc.).

TIA-10 Golden Club

TIA-10 Slant Top with 17" CRT monitor

Gambling machines (without PCB)


TIA-10 Slant Top 17" CRT monitor Sold Out

TIA-20 "American Roulette"

TIA-20 American Roulette with two 17" CRT monitors

Gambling machines (without PCB)


TIA-20 American Roulette two 17" CRT monitors without billacceptor 500,00 USD
TIA-20 American Roulette two 17" CRT monitors 4 billacceptor Cash Code MVU 1000,00 USD